Modern Meat Co.
 Is dedicated to providing quality meat products for retail outlets and institutions.




Modern Meat was founded in 1955 as Modern Frozen Food Lockers.
At a time when raising your own meat for family consumption was prevalent, Modern Meat supplied custom butchering, cut and wrap, and frozen storage for your meats as well as  a retail meat counter.

In 1974 Modern Meat Co. was born. In a new facility, Modern Meat progressed toward up-to date processing technology.  Injectors, massagers and smokehouses were installed and  production began.

 Smoked Hams were the mainstay, and the "Rick 'N Deans" Smoked Ham was put  on the map.

The innovation driven Modern Meat family was not done there. Over the past 35  years Modern Meat has expanded it's capabilities to easily adapt to individual customer needs with a variety of products available.

Anything from a large smoked bone-in ham, boneless hams, shredded beef, roast beef, pastrami, or sliced retail deli meats are common just to name a few.

Our current modern Processing facility is USDA inspected and fully HACCP compliant, as well as third party inspected.

The number one goal at Modern Meat Co.  is to provide each individual customer with the finest products tailored to meet their  specific needs.



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